Wood Species

Castleman Carpentry is happy to offer any wood species currently available on the market. As a custom cabinet maker we have experience in both domestic and exotic wood species. While there are many exotic species available, most cabinet projects use more readily available domestic wood.


The most popular wood species used in cabinetry today are:


a medium to hard wood with straight, wavy or curly grain. Very durable with a light, uniform appearance that produces a smooth clean look when stained.  Maple is the preferred choice for a painted cabinet.


a soft to medium wood most known for its smooth grain and unique color that deepens as it ages. Cherry stains beautifully adding a pinkish-brown hue to the stain it absorbs. Considered a luxury wood, Cherry adds warm elegance to any room.


one of the hardest and heaviest woods with random natural streaks and knots that add a unique texture to cabinetry. It is often seen in rustic applications due to it’s beautiful random grain and color pattern.


a relatively soft wood comes in several varieties, most commonly southern yellow and white. Knots are notable characteristics in pine and should be expected and considered desirable.


a hard, heavy wood with a coarse grain with distinctive tight sweeping arch patterns. Available in both red and white varieties, oak is a timeless choice for cabinetry. Oak absorbs stain well.


a very hard wood, Walnut is most known for it’s rich brown coloring and tight smooth grain. It’s exquisite beauty works in both traditional and contemporary applications.